Terms of Service

I currently only accept PayPal as a payment option, unless we prior agreed upon otherwise!

About my art:

Don't use my art in AI art generators.

Don't claim my art as your own.

Don't use my art commercially if we haven't previously agreed on that.

If you want to post the commission on social media let me know first and I'll let you know the correct way to credit me.

You can use your commission as a profile picture without crediting me.

I sign all of my drawings with "Hope" in the bottom left corner. If you don't like that, let me know and I'll remove it from the final drawing after you pay. Note that this is not the same as the watermark I talk in the next paragraph.

About the commission process:

First we agree on what exactly you want.

Then you pay 50% upfront.

I will start drawing once I receive the payment.

I will send you updates after I complete the: pose sketch, full sketch, line-art, color, and fully rendered

After each stage I will only continue after your approval.

At all the stages I will give you watermarked version.

When you complete the final payment (the remaining 50%) I will send you the version without the watermark.

You are always also allowed to pay 100% up front, in this case I won't watermark my drawings.

About multiple characters per scene/drawing:

If you want multiple characters in the scene their cost will depend on how exactly do you want them incorporated into the scene. The price of a character in a multiple characters scene will be lower or equal to the same character in a solo scene.

About NSFW art:

I currently don't offer NSFW commissions (including heavy and light gore, full or partial nudity, and/or fetish drawings)

I can however draw slightly suggestive art.

I might draw NSFW commissions in the future, but for now it's undecided.

About furry and mecha:

Althouh I've done a few furry drawings in the past, my drawing skills of furries are no where near my skill of drawing humans or humanoids. You can still commission me them, but you have to be okay with lower quality work.

As for mecha, I don't have any experience in it at all, so I don't offer such commissions. I can however draw partial armors or simple props, but nothing too complicated.

You saw me do a different art style one time and you'd like your commission to be in it?

No problem!

Just send me the drawing/drawings I've made in that art style and I can replicate it.

Note that this only goes for art styles I've drawn in the past. I can't and won't replicate art styles I've never done before.